Trekking on the Path of the Gods and wonderful paths of the Amalfi Coast!

Book now and discover all the fascinating trekking routes on the Amalfi Coast! Live your vacation in the quiet of nature, romantic venues and breathtaking landscapes. Spend your Amalfi Coast vacation, trekking and holidays in Agerola, the charm of the mountain overlooking the sea, is an oasis of peace situated on a cliff overlooking the Amalfi Coast, behind the Parco dei Monti Lattari.
Agerola, country by lush and unspoiled nature, is a popular destination for trekking that attracts hikers from all nationalities. The paths that cross the ancient sheep tracks of the Amalfi Coast, suspended between earth, sea and sky, and the paths that wind among the green lemon trees, are reviving the tourist the extraordinary history of this area, once the crossroads of the most important businesses between the ancient Marine Republic of Amalfi with the countries of the hinterland, but also scenery of mythical battles in Roman times. The most famous is certainly the wonderful Path of the Gods. Here are some of the beautiful paths in the lush landscape of the Amalfi Coast: