Path of gods

Is one of the most spectacular paths of the Amalfi Coast. It owes its name to the numerous temples dedicated to Minerva, Mitra and Ceres, which stood in the Roman era, along its route. From Palazzo Lauritano you reach Bomerano (Agerola) until to arrive to Positano, through Colle Serra and Li Cannati (7 km – medium 3 hours). It passes under the “Biscuit Cave” where, in addition to the particular geological rock, you can admire secular cave houses built in the cave. After the Colle Serra there is an enchanting scenery of “Li Galli”, the legendary islands of the enchanting Sirens of Ulysses, on the Sorrento Peninsula and Capri in the background. Continue passing the locality of Li Cannati to reach Nocelle and Montepertuso and then down to Positano through a long staircase. Continuing you can get to the beach of Positano.