Amazing Zip-line on the Fjord of Furore

Fly like an angel with the Zip-line on the stunning Fjord of Furore!

Book online Palazzo Lauritano and get a thrill by the Zip-line Fjord of Furore on the Amalfi Coast!

Twenty minutes from Palazzo Lauritano, bed and breakfast in Agerola, you can reach the starting point from the zip-line to the fly.

The Flight of the Angel, flying over the Fjord of Furore, anchored in safety and a steel cable through special harness, taking advantage of highly emotional experiences. An adventure in contact with nature through unique landscapes, to discover the true soul of the territory.

“When you come to the sea, or when the sun shines on the sea, or in the evening, when the moon, eternal siren, is reflected on the sea, inviting the most romantic people to touch it“

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