Agerola Ethno-anthropological Museum.

Agerola Ethno-anthropological Museum is housed in “Casa della Corte” in Agerola (Italy), an ancient Bajular Court competent for Agerola, Praiano and Vettica Maggiore.

Agerola Ethno-anthropological Museum was created to preserve commonly used objects of an age close to us, which however moves away faster every day from our society and our way of life. The guarded objects tell a peasant civilization and a millenarian craftsmanship.

The most precious object is the Processional Cross, the work of an unknown silversmith from the Campania school, probably active in a locality that, like Agerola, belonged to the Duchy of Amalfi.

Estimated time by car from Palazzo Lauritano bed and breakfast in Agerola to reach the museum: about ten minutes