Path of Orrido Pino

The trail passes through Pine ravine and different scenarios: the typical vegetation of low mountains replacing the Maquis and where it was possible to man, with hard work, he built terraced fields where still today are cultivated vineyards which produce excellent wine grapes Amalficoast Dop.
Frosm apartment Casa Generosa you get to Tuoro (suburb south west of San Lazzaro of Agerola) take the paved side road that curves down to the side of the canyon Penise-Schiato. Finished the asphalt, we continue straight, with the easy path (also known as Abu Tabela Path) walking to the base of the cliff. After about 700 m you reach the bottom of the gorge and near the ruins of an old mill, you can cross with a leap the narrow rocky riverbed of the Rio. Passed on the other side, you continue walking following the main path until you reach the first houses of Furore (so called “Pino”). Driving time: 2 hours.